Monday, March 23, 2009

Dearest Darling Willa,

Today is your birthday my girl, the very first time we will present the candled cake, the streamers, the song. We will sing to you while you watch fire melt wax, while outside shoots are testing the loam, while buds are turning the trees red. All around us spring is happening and you are one year old.

You see sweetheart it is a celebration of your coming into the world. Your birthday is a gift and so you will receive them, wrapped in papers and ribbons you will be much more interested in than the toys within. We give you things because you have given us so much and we want to thank you for it.

Before long you will learn to wish on those candles. You will close your blue eyes and with a powerful exhalation throw that wish up with the smoke to the world. I hope all your wishes are answered. I wish on that moment too. I wish all the time. I wish for so many things for you. I won’t say them out loud. I want them to come true.

Willa, you are the daughter I had no idea I always wanted. We were made for each other kid. Getting to know you over the past year I think I have learnt more about myself than I had thought possible. I am learning about all kinds of new possibilities through you. I am meeting those I have loved the most in my life all over again through your eyes.

Your daddy and I are so deeply in love with you it has torn our hearts all to pieces like fine paper. Then the love stitched them back together again with new threads, making them stronger in the process. The pieces got all combined in the shuffle, a little of mine ended up in his, his mine and yours in each of us. We are all three of the same heart now.

On this day, your birthday, I will sing to you from this new heart, this better one. I will wish with this heart stronger hopes. I will look on you with my opened eyes. I will promise you with my whole being to celebrate you for everything you are and will be.

Happy birthday my baby. I love you so very much.


Jen said...

Happy birthday, Willa!

The first year is so strange...once it's over, you feel like this child has both been with you all of your life and just born yesterday, all at once. It really messes with your sense of time and order, doesn't it? I hope you all do something quiet and wonderful and special to celebrate today!

Chrystal said...

Happiest of happy days to you, Willa. You've already received the gift of some wonderful parents who adore you.

It's like you're the icing on their cake. Which, trust me, is fabulous.

anahita said...

Happy birthday Willa.

she will very soon love to have her birthday,presents,cake,candles,party.....and she will ask you everyday if it's her birthday today or if her birthday is tomorrow.Just like my son does and just like i used to do when i was a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Willa, Many Blessings to you :)